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The Starlight Candle Company

Welcome to Hotel Transylvania Wax Melt

Welcome to Hotel Transylvania Wax Melt

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Inspired by Hotel Transylvania

A fragrance that transports you to the realms of darkness. With captivating oudh offering a hauntingly rich character. As the heart reveals a symphony of wood and ambery notes, capturing the spirits of ancient trees with a ghostly presence lingering in the shadows. A chorus of aged oak, cedar, and sandalwood intertwines, invoking a sense of enigmatic energy. The amber adds a touch of warm luminosity, reminiscent of flickering candlelight in the eerie corridors of a forgotten mansion. Base notes of musk casts it's lingering spell and offers a sense of mystery and sensuality, evoking feelings of haunted whispers that serve as a reminder of spirits presence. 

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