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Established in 2017

My name is Amy and I have been making soy candles and wax melts since I received a candle making kit for Christmas in 2016. I decided to take my hobby and turn it into a business when I realised what I was making was alright! Having loved lovely smelling candles for many years, I knew what I liked and what was well made. So, I tested and practiced and learned more and more until I was ready to launch. I test every new scent before launching and quality is of huge importance to me. 

Why Starlight? Well, pop culture is a huge influence on me and my life. I knew I had to incorporate this into my business and my brand. One of my favourite Muse songs is called Starlight. I knew Starlight would be a great name for a candle company and boom, The Starlight Candle Company was born. 

I launched in June 2017 with a small scent list of candles. Shortly after, I launched our wax melt range - The Orion's Melt Collection.

The space theme continues to this day, as in 2019 I launched our wax melt monthly subscription box - The Full Moon Box.

I continue to try and improve and add to our product range as much as I can. 

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I’ve tried a whole variety of the wax melts and there’s definitely one for every room and every mood. I have my firm favourites, which have been added to after treating myself to the 2019 advent calendar. This year I’ll definitely be getting some candles too, having bought some as xmas gifts for other people and regretting not buying one for myself. I’ve actually binned all my other wax melts because they’re pretty lame by comparison to Amy’s amazing products. Definitely the best I’ve ever used and I can’t recommend them highly enough. 10/10 from me every time.


Just gave my girlfriend her Christmas Eve box with her wax melts and she absolutely loves them. Said they’re the best things she’s ever smelt and is making me order more for her and her friends on Payday! Haha. Nice one Amy


I bought When 2 Become One as a Christmas gift and I wish I had bought one for myself, it smells amazing! Love the packaging too, very cute and stylish ☺️


Ordered the wax melt advent calender and although I'm weeks behind, opened day 1 and I'm loving it already! Fab packaging and the smell is amazing and a lot cheaper than big brands.. thanks Amy! x