Limited Collection

Limited Collection

Here are the limited edition scents that will be restocked every fortnight. 



Our soy candle collection consists of 16 scents. The wax is hand-poured... 


Established 2017

My name is Amy and I have been making soy candles and wax melts since I received a candle making kit for Christmas in 2016. I decided to take my hobby and turn it into a business when I realised what I was making was alright! Having loved lovely smelling candles for many years, I knew what I liked and what was well made. So, I tested and practiced and learned more and more until I was ready to launch. I test every new scent before launching and quality is of huge importance to me. 

Why Starlight? Well, pop culture is a huge influence on me and my life. I knew I had to incorporate this into my business and my brand. One of my favourite Muse songs is called Starlight. I knew Starlight would be a great name for a candle company and boom, The Starlight Candle Company was born. 

I launched in June 2017 with a small scent list of candles. Shortly after, I launched our wax melt range - The Orion's Melt Collection.

The space theme continues to this day, as in 2019 I launched our wax melt monthly subscription box - The Full Moon Box.

I continue to try and improve and add to our product range as much as I can. 

  • Passion

    We make everything by hand with passion and love.

  • Eco-Friendly

    We care about the environment so all our packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable.

  • Joy

    Life is short - we want our products to make you smile!

  • Kindness

    We promote kindness and compassion in our community of Starlight fans.