About Us

The Starlight Candle Company was established in June 2017 after our founder, Amy, received a candle-making kit for the previous Christmas.

With a love of all things music, TV and film, Amy decided that her scent list would be inspired by her favourites–David Bowie, Game of Thrones, Back to the Future, the list goes on.

The scent list continues to grow each year, and new products are always added. It started out with just candles and six scents to choose from. Now, there's wax melts, room sprays, reed diffusers and more, in over 75 scents. Plus, limited scents are being added regularly.


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Our soy candle collection consists of 18 scents. The wax is hand-poured... 

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  • Sustainability

    Our packaging is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. One of our most important brand values is being eco-conscious.

  • Joy

    Starlight aims to bring joy and comfort to your busy, chaotic homes. Busy families deserve a place of calm and relaxation after a long day.

  • Community

    Starlight believes in the power of community and kindness. Our Facebook group is a place of community spirit and friendship.