What are wax melts?
Wax melts are scented pieces of wax that can come in various shapes and sizes. They are like candles without a wick. They require a wax melt burner in order to melt the wax and release the fragrance. Unlike candles, the wax does not burn away so you can change the wax in your burners when the fragrance oil has burned away and little or no scent remains. 

What is a wax melt burner?
There are two types: electric or tealight. The tealight burner requires tealight candles to warm the burner. It is important not to confuse these with an oil burner which are usually smaller in size. The smaller gap between the flame and dish means it gets much hotter - more ideal for oils. 

Electric burners have no flame - this is often the preferred choice for people with pets or young children who worry about lit candles. Electric burners do not get as hot so scent throw may not be as strong but wax melts will tend to last longer in electric burners.

Where can I find your scent list?
Our full permanent scent list is here. We often have limited edition scents in our Full Moon Box or available in our special Market Night events held in our Facebook group The Starlighters.

What type of wax do you use?
I use all-natural soy wax for both our candles and wax melts. 

Are you CLP compliant?
Yes, we are fully compliant. 

What are the delivery options?
There a few options to choose from. For local customers in the WA8 area, you can select free local pick up or local delivery for a small fee of £1. If you're not local, you can select Standard Shipping via Royal Mail. 

How long does delivery take?
My current turnaround is 5-7 working days. I post everything First Class via Royal Mail, which can take up to 3-5 working days at the moment. 

Do you have a loyalty scheme?
Yes, our points system is automatic when you sign up. Points can be exchanged for a discount on future orders. 

Do you use biodegradable and recyclable materials?
Yes, I only use biodegradable glitter and ethically sourced mica powder. Our wax melt packaging is made from glassine which is biodegradable and recyclable. I also use shredded paper to pack our cardboard postal boxes and secure with biodegradable paper tape. Our candle tins and containers can also be recycled. We are a plastic-free company and I aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Do you have a subscription box?
Yes, our Full Moon Box contain 6 wax melts weighing approx 32g each. There is a new theme each month and at least 2 new and exclusive scents only available to subscribers. This is £13.50 per month (that includes P&P) and payments will be taken automatically on the date you first subscribed. E.g. if you first subscribed on the 28th - it will be taken on the 28th of each month until you cancel.  Each box is dispatched on the 7th of the month. If you wish to subscribe, click here. In order to receive the upcoming box, make sure you subscribe before the 7th. 


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