Scent List

Here is our full scent list:

​A Tale as Old as Time inspired by Beauty & The Beast
If you love the Molton Brown fragrance 'Rhubarb & Rose', we think you will love the scent of our 'Rhubarb Rose' fragrance oil too. A crisp mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance smoothed by tea rose and hints of pineapple resting on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.

And It Was All Yellow inspired by Coldplay
A sweet confectionery accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard.

As Fresh As You inspired by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Probably the best, strongest Fresh unstoppable type available - we, love love love it!
As Time Goes By inspired by Casablanca (Available in candles)
Cut green stems and mandarin tea supported by Moroccan spices and a floral heart of orange blossom, lily, muguet and jasmine on a substantial base of vanilla, sandal, patchouli and musk.
Babbling Beverage inspired by Harry Potter
Sparkling apple cider with a splash of fresh cranberries and peach.

Baby Oscar’s Bathtime inspired by Ghostbusters 2 
Soothing baby wash with a relaxing lavender fragrance.
Baker Street inspired by Sherlock Holmes (Available in candles)
A rich and intoxicating aromatic accord where we experience dry dusty notes of tobacco and spicy notes include Baies rose.
Black Velvet inspired by Alannah Myles 
A stunning rich warm Fragrance with Damask Rose, Smoky Oud wood with a hint of Praline.

Bluth’s Frozen Banana inspired by Arrested Development 
Ripe banana, brown sugar, churned butter, sugar cane, ground cinnamon, clove bud, chopped walnuts, vanilla extract and whipped cream.

Bubbles inspired by Biffy Clyro 
This is a creamy and luxurious silky fragrance, like Dove soap.

Cake Baby inspired by Bridesmaids
Wonderful aroma of cakes fresh from the oven and home baking.

Cashmere, Cologne and White Sunshine inspired by Lana Del Rey
An Oriental accord with notes of geranium, lychee, rose and pear on a floral heart of jasmine with a woody fond of amber, musk, patchouli and oudh.


Cause Her Name's Lily inspired by Friends
Similar in style and identity to Strawberry & Lily fabric softener. A fresh fruity floral fragrance with green fruity top notes, strawberry, gardenia, violet and jasmine in the heart and a soft dry down with woods and vanilla.

Cherry Bomb inspired by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
A blend of amaretto and sweet cherry.

Clouds All Blue inspired by Pink Floyd
A sweet sugary candy floss accord with hints of red strawberry and vanilla on a musky caramelised base.

Coming Out of My Cage inspired by The Killers
Similar to the fragrance Brightside by Lush, with similar notes of zesty orange, bergamot and cocoa butter making it a creamy citrus smell – well rounded and luxurious.

Couples Retreat  inspired by the film of the same name 
This fragrance oil has notes of Sweet Pineapple, Acai Berry, Mango Zest and tart Passion Fruit, A truly wonderful tropical scent.
Cross the Streams inspired by Ghostbusters
A truly excellent sweet-and-smoky toasted marshmallow fragrance with clear vanilla marshmallow notes on a strong base of smoky campfire.  The best toasted marshmallow fragrance we've found so far!
Dancing in the Dark inspired by Bruce Springsteen (Available in candles)
Opening with sparkling citrus top notes of grapefruit and lemon leading into a heart of transparent white flora, dewy rose and watery jasmine boosted with notes of creamy coconut and succulent peach nestling in an indulgent base of blonde woods and smooth amber.
Do You Like Guacamole?  inspired by Step Brothers 
Lemongrass, citrus and sage blend beautifully with notes of violet, cinnamon, vanilla and white musk. 

Enchantment Under the Sea inspired by Back to the Future 
A breezy revitalising blend of ozonic seaside air, seashells and driftwood. Top notes of Sicilian lemon, orange flesh and zesty bergamot. An ozonic heart of juniper, rosemary, tea tree and pine intermingle with a delicate floral bouquet of jasmine and geranium petals. Soft musks and white cedarwood finish off this refreshing blend.
Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme inspired by Cool Runnings 
Clean, fresh, citrus and coconut type top notes with fruity (apple, peach and raspberry) type middle notes.

Feeling Supersonic inspired by Oasis 
A fizzy aldehydic aroma infused with a fresh rhubarb aroma, with hits of ginger. Blended with bergamot, green lead, lemon and light florals all resting on a base of patchouli and musk.
Fireside inspired by Arctic Monkeys 
An intensely rich and full aroma leading with crisp top notes of bergamot, lemon leaf and warming spices, enhanced by fresh eucalyptus, tender lavender and summer geranium. The base of this fragrance is exotic and full with red cedar, massoia wood, amber, frankincense and musks.
Fisherman’s Blues   Inspired by The Waterboys (Available in candles)
The scent of Fresh Air & Sea Salt mingling with the woody earthiness of sage.
Fool in the Rain inspired by Led Zeppelin 
Softly kissed by sunlight. Juicy top notes of freshly squeezed oranges, crisp green apples and zesty bergamot. Delicate floral heart notes of pure jasmine and white rose petals with gentle wafts of ginger, leading into a base of white musks and cedarwood.
Fresh as a Daisy  inspired by James
A Pure Fresh Linen, aldehydic floral fragrance displaying top notes of rose, jasmine, lily, middle notes of ylang with a twist of spice on a base of woods and musk.

 Good Vibrations inspired by The Beach Boys (Available in candles)
This stunning fragrance combines fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.
Gourmet Expensive Stuff  inspired by Pulp Fiction 
Sweet creamy coffee.
Hasta La Vista inspired by The Terminator
Aromatic vintage cologne notes lead into a heart of rich sweet tobacco, warm spices and a hint of cognac. Smokey woods of oak, ebony and incense combine with dark musks to complete this fragrance.

Have a Fantasy inspired by Aerosmith
Alike to designer scent TF - Black Cherry and liqueur combined with teasing almond and a floral base. This scent is full bodied and plump, with a candy twist waiting to be enjoyed. 

Heroes inspired by David Bowie
Inspired by Designers with a Twist. A sensual fresh aromatic, masculine chypre cologne with notes of blackcurrant, bergamot.

His and Mine are the Same inspired by Wuthering Heights
A sweet, powdery fragrance with fruity notes of raspberry, plum and peach refreshed by orange and lemon on a sweet vanilla base.
​Home Sweet Home  inspired by Motley Crue 
Clean fresh fragrance of lavender with a touch of vanilla.

Honeydukes inspired by Harry Potter 
Sweet, juicy, fruity bubblegum type fragrance that will make your mouth water.

I’ll Give You the Moon  inspired by It’s A Wonderful Life 
Clean soft powder with floral hints.
In Bloom inspired by Nirvana (Available in candles)
Peonies in bloom. Flirtatious with notes of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower.

It’s So Fluffy! inspired by Despicable Me (Available in candles)
The fresh scent of clean towels warm and fluffy straight from the dryer!
Just Like the Ocean inspired by Santana
A mesmerising floral marine scent where refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae lie in cool rock pools livened by a fresh coastal breeze and enhanced by touches of cyclamen and water lily. At the base of the fragrance, sparkling salt crusted driftwood is warmed by amber, patchouli and musk.
​Killer inspired by Suede (Available in candles)
Fragrance notes: sweet - powdery - vanilla - creamy - warm - ambers. One of our favourite fragrances!
LaVerne’s Pie Stand inspired by The Office
A sugary-sweet rich and authentic cherry bakewell tart aroma, bursting with cherries and almonds.
Lime Green and Tangerine  inspired by The Cure (Available in candles)
Similar in Style to a well known designer’s signature fragrance. Top notes are lime, mandarin orange and bergamot; middle notes are basil, lilac, iris and thyme; base notes are patchouli and vetiver.

Macaron?  inspired by Gossip Girl
Rich vanilla combined with almonds and white sugar with hints of raspberry and coconut.

Make You Spring inspired by Alien Ant Farm
This gorgeous laundry scent opens with gorgeous orange and citrus, with a floral heart of jasmine, cyclamen, rose water, heliotrope blooms and muguet.


Modern Love inspired by David Bowie (Available in candles)
Ruby-rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum are spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily and spicy woods. Dark and enigmatic.
Monkeys Made of Gingerbread inspired by David Bowie 
Spicy gingerbread notes, and a sweet icing accord throughout the top, middle and base. Perfect for the holidays!
Mother of Dragons  inspired by Game of Thrones 
(Available in candles)
An autumn-like warm, woody and earthy scent with notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood combined with light tones of powdery musks and hints of asian florals to bring out subtle spice undertones.
My Mom's is Better inspired by Matilda
A sweet accord blending notes of lemon and bergamot with creamy milk chocolate crunch, alongside musk, pink custard, candy floss and vanilla.

My New Dream inspired by Tangled
A magical scent. Top notes of cherry and strawberry, hints of sandalwood on a base of vanilla, musk and amber.

No Fighting inspired by Peaky Blinders
A powerful yet mysterious scent contrasting the smoky character of gunpowder tea with damp soil, raw woods and mineral accords. Spicy ginger brings a touch of fiery heat to a subdued darkness with earthy patchouli, cedar and vetiver complemented by animalic musks to provide a smooth canvas.


Nothing is Real inspired by The Beatles
A mouthwatering blend of tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries.
Over the Rainbow inspired by The Wizard of Oz 
A fruity accord with top notes of raspberry, orange and blueberry, leading to a heart of bubblegum and floral nuances on a base of vanilla and candyfloss.

Paint It Black inspired by The Rolling Stones
Alike to the designer perfume. Top notes of pear and pink pepper leads to middle notes of orange blossom and jasmine. Base notes of warm vanilla, patchouli and cedar.

Pixie Dust inspired by Peter Pan
Similar in style and identity to Fairy washing powder - a rich powdery floral fragrance with fresh green and aldehydic top notes leading to a floral heart of rose, lily, jasmine, violet and muguet with a powdery base of soft woods and sweet musk.


Purple Haze  inspired by Jimi Hendrix 
(Available in candles)
A creamy soft lavender accord with rich white florals and a sweet base freshened with a touch of mint.

Rose Apothecary  inspired by Schitt's Creek
Similar in style & identity to Lenor Rose Wonderland. A fresh floral accord with green cut stem top notes on heart notes of rose, geranium, orange flower, violet, jasmine and apple on a base of vanilla, musks and powder.

Sally Cinnamon  inspired by The Stone Roses 
Warm maple with a hint of fresh cinnamon.

She Sells Sanctuary  inspired by The Cult
Similar in style and identity to a well known fabric conditioner.

Soft Kitty inspired by The Big Bang Theory
(Available in candles)
Top notes of jasmine and cherry blossom, blended with freesia and powdery notes on a base of vanilla and orchid.
Sugar Rush inspired by Wreck It Ralph 
It’s fruity, it’s bubbly and its an amazing dupe just berry yourself in comfort
Similar in style & identity to a well known bath and body product.

Sun Salutation inspired by Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This wonderful fragrance has the aroma of incense; patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon's blood working together to create this wonderful blend.

The Ellie Badge inspired by Up 
A confectionary fragrance with sweet fruity notes of grape, raspberry, strawberry and orange on a background of musk and vanilla.

The Plastics inspired by Mean Girls
Reminiscent of Yankee's Pink Sands. Bright Citrus, Coconut, Anise, Jasmine, Fresh Air, Spicy Vanilla all blended to give you an exotic island escape with a beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla. 

The Shade inspired by Ru Paul's Drag Race (Available in candles)
Cool, dark and shady. A musky, woody base comes together with tea tree, lavender, apple and ylang-ylang to make a sexy summer night time scent. 

True Nature's Child inspired by Steppenwolf
A fresh clean fragrance with notes of citrus, avocado and cucumber leading into a heart of rose and lily with hints of sea salt resting on a base of dry flowers.

Twisting My Melon Man inspired by Happy Mondays
Watermelon with a hint of kiwi.

Uberweiss inspired by Friends  
An aquatic accord of lemon, green bamboo, pineapple and sweet orange, enhanced with middle notes of rich white florals, jasmin, freesia & lily carefully blended with creamy soft lavender all resting on a base of musk, amberwood with a hint of mint to bring this fragrance to a close.

Vanilla Bear inspired by Scrubs
An out-of-this-world rich buttery vanilla bean sugar cookie aroma with hints of marshmallow and caramel.

Watch the Sun Rise inspired by Fleetwood Mac
A refreshing zest accord with mouth-watering Indian lemongrass, Italian lemon and Thai lime, supported with fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit and juicy mango.

White Wedding inspired by Billy Idol 
(Available in candles)
An exclusive fragrance, a sophisticated and relaxing blend of florals and subtle fruits.

White Winged Dove inspired by Stevie Nicks
A fragrant journey into the unknown with notes of fresh tea notes, patchouli, soft woods and warm amber.


White Witch inspired by The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 
(Available in candles)
Similar in scent identity to a designer brand fragrance, with notes of pear, candy floss, vanilla, cherry and a hint of marshmallow.

Wish Upon a Star inspired by Pinocchio
With similar notes of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond creme. Additional notes include star fruit, quince, freesia, amber, sugared sandalwood and velvet musk. Alike to 1000 Wishes.

Wrap Yourself Around Me inspired by Hall & Oates
Juicy fresh lime, with a hint of sweetness. Like lime sherbet sweets.

You’re Turning Violet  inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
(Available in candles)
This fragrance opens with green violet leaf and violet flower followed by a heart of parma violets, warm rose and fressia. The fragrance is finished with base notes of powdery violet and iris.

You’ve Been Pinked inspired by Will and Grace
The sugary aroma comes from ingredients you remember from your childhood, like vanilla, caramel, and candy floss. Notes of bergamot and Sicilian orange, raspberry and fig leaf with lily and liquorice blossoms.