About Us

I'm Amy, I'm from the northwest of England and I love all things music, film and TV.

This all began when I received a candle-making kit in Christmas 2016. I fell in love with the craft, although difficult to master, it was fun. I eventually got it right after lots of experimenting and testing. 

My husband, impressed with my candles, encouraged me to sell them. He thought other candle collectors like myself would enjoy them. So, I began to brainstorm ideas for names and branding. I decided I wanted to incorporate my love of music and film into my branding and business. 

Starlight is a song by Muse, who I'd watched headline at Glastonbury in 2016. Vivid memories of that night replayed in my head. Starlight. That was a cool name for a candle company.

With my company name figured out, I wondered how else I could fit in my favourite artists and movies. The scent names. I decided I would rename every scent to something inspired by a lyric or a quote. 

When it came to designing a logo, I wanted a space theme to match the name. Purple is my favourite colour, and so our first logo had to include stars and purple.

With six scents and just silver candle tins, I launched in June 2017.

Since then, we have added several new candle containers, wax melts, reed diffusers, room sprays and much more. 

We currently have 75 wax melt scents on our permanent list, with limited scents being added regularly. 

In January 2022, we had a huge rebranding as our logo hadn't been updated. It needed a little TLC.

I hope to keep growing, to keep our quality high, to be as eco-friendly as possible and to bring joy to our customers. The Starlight Candle Company aims to make your home a sanctuary for you and your family and welcoming to visitors.