Halloween & Autumn Wax Melts

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Choose any scent and shape combo!

The amazing scents are:

FORMULA 86 | Inspired by The Witches
Sweet, pretty, ethereal and magical. This beautiful complex scent combines white magic spells and potent potions to bring you a sugary floral like no other.

I’M THE GHOST WITH THE MOST | Inspired by Beetlejuice
A truly incredible fragrance, this scent brings the perfect balance of beautiful florals: jasmine, lily, violet and orchid; with the sweet overtones of grapefruit, pineapple, raspberry and gooseberry, wrapped up ylang ylang, amber and musk.

NOBODY EATS MORTALS ANYMORE | Inspired by Salem Saberhagen
Toil and trouble. This is a cauldron full of gorgeous smells. Dark, sweet cassis and blackberry mix with creamy vanilla pods and sticky sugar to make the ultimate Halloween spell.

PUMPKINS SCREAM | Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas
Top notes of nutmeg, orange, lemon, with heart notes of ginger, clove followed by base notes caramel, tonka, and vanilla.

YOUR PECAN PIE | Inspired by When Harry Met Sally
The aroma of rich roasted pecans with buttery notes of fresh-baked pastry and a supersweet praline filling. Strong and truly scrumptious!

Choose from the shapes - pumpkin, zombie unicorns, waffle, large snap or skulls.