Well, I've been afraid of changin'

Well, I've been afraid of changin'

Nearly six years in, it's normal to get stuck in a rut. 

Even after a rebranding last year, I've still felt a little lost. I've been afraid to change things up, upset the status quo. But this is my livelihood, my dream. I need to shake things up in order to grow and succeed.

One of the first things that needs a fresh look is the scent list. There's too much choice. A variety of scents to choose from is a good thing, until it becomes impossible to pick from. The scent list will be getting a swift chop. 

Shapes: Having a choice of varying shapes for each scent means huge work to keep it stocked for me. And yet more choice for the customer. Each scent will have one or two choices maximum. 

New and exciting scents: A huge permanent scent list means a lack of new scents available. By reducing the scent list, I can introduce new limited scents regularly. 

My customers know if they want a scent that's no longer on the permanent scent list, I will make custom wax melts up for them. I always have done this, this will not change.

Market Night will go ahead at the end of the month as normal for my Facebook group, but limited scent restocks each month will allow customers who aren't on Facebook to get a hold of exciting fresh fragrances too. 

It's time for Starlight to bloom and grow. 

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