Wax Diaries Have Arrived

Wax Diaries Have Arrived

So I love stationary. I have lots of notebooks, some that are too pretty to even use. Crazy I know, but I can't go past the stationary section without buying something. 

And of course, I love wax. Being a candle and wax melt maker it's a given but before I started making I always had candles burning in my house. 

I decided to merge the two of these loves together to create something other wax lovers could appreciate. With there being so many amazing wax vendors out there in today's market, it's hard to keep track of who you like and who you would like to try. Sometimes you see something on Facebook or Instagram and think I'd love to try that once I've been paid, but then you forget the name and can never find that post again! So, that's why I added a page specifically to list those so you can go back to it! 

The diary also contains space to note down specific scents and your notes on those so you can track which ones you would purchase again.

I designed it all myself and had a limited quantity printed - if you would like one, every purchase comes with a free snapbar wax melt!

Order yours here.

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