Our choices are never easy

Our choices are never easy

Last week, I cut our scent list down dramatically. Anything that wasn't selling well in the last 18 months got the chop. It's hard because I get sentimental over everything, even scents and their names. Scents inspired by my favourite films are particularly hard to lose. 

But there is a reason behind it all. 

The paradox of choice is a psychological phenomenon where having an abundance of options actually requires more effort to make a decision and can leave us feeling unsatisfied with our choice. Customers get choice overload: the tendency for people to get overwhelmed when they are presented with a large number of options.

So, the number of scents has been reduced, but the shape options will also be limited. Stars are a staple shape at Starlight for a few reasons. Clearly, stars are a part of our branding. Secondly, they aren't too expensive. All permanent scents will be available in stars. This means I can easily stock all scents and orders will be fulfilled more quickly. 

Our sample sizes will be available in sample packs and when new scents are introduced. This allows customers to still try new scents without committing to larger packs.  

Large bars will be available in a number of our best-selling scents and for some limited edition releases. 

Huge bars will be available on request. You can specify any scent, including any discontinued scents, as long as I have the oil in stock. There will be a text box for you to include your scent choice. I will contact you if the request cannot be fulfilled and offer an alternative. 

I want to introduce more unusual shapes in limited scents regularly too. With a smaller permanent list and less shapes to keep in stock, I can be more creative with our limited collection, like Market Night makes. 

All these changes will be happening over the next two weeks and I'll keep you all updated via email and social media. 

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