New Year, New Start

New Year, New Start

I know we are 2 weeks into 2022 so this may be a little late but Happy New Year!

I have some exciting changes coming up for Starlight. Firstly, I am working with a very talented graphic designer to give Starlight a new look. A brand refresh is needed. We are 5 this year and it's time to take this little business to the next level. I'm planning to launch our amazing new logo in February.

Monthly Market Nights are adapting. I am no longer limiting it to my Facebook group. A lot of my customers don't have Facebook, and more and more people are coming away from the platform. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the limited scents I offer. This is why fortnightly restocks are being introduced. Every 2 weeks I will place a number of special scents on the website - once stock is gone, it's gone. If the scent is popular, I will bring it back for a future restock. Our permanent scent list is always available so don't worry about those scents. 

Scents are being cut to open up for new scents. Any scents that haven't sold well in the last 12 months will be taken off the permanent scent list. This isn't to say it will be gone forever. Some of the scents may return for the fortnightly restocks. 

The shapes available to buy will also be changing. This is so I can get orders out quicker. If I have only 2-3 options I can build stock up. Space is limited in the workshop so I know what I have the capacity for. This means all scents can be stocked up and your orders could go out the same day! I want to improve my dispatch times for you. 

These changes may seem like a lot but it's all for your benefit. I want Starlight to really be deserving of all your support by being the best it can be.

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