So on my Timehop today were these two pictures:

The candles were from my second attempt at candle making and that there is the first wax melt I ever made!

Those last three years have flew by. I can't imagine my life without candle making now. My whole life is wax. It consumes so much of my time now. 

Back then, it was a very new hobby. I had received a candle making kit for Christmas and I was just playing around. I loved making something I could use. I then looked into different waxes and wicks and began testing. 

Three years later, Starlight is growing and I'm making more candles and wax melts then ever before. But I still love it! I thought I would have become bored by it, or grew to resent it as it does take up my free time. I find myself working late into the evenings and I work every weekend. But no, I still love it. It's my passion now. 

I can't imagine a life now where I just come home from work and relax all evening! I just have far too much to do to sit and do nothing!

Who knows where I'll be in the next three years? Where do you want to be?

Amy x


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