February Love

February Love

So February has arrived. I've been busy this week preparing for what's ahead this month.

There's our next Full Moon Box - dispatching Monday 7th. The theme is Goodbye January Blues.

Shortly after, our mini mid-month restock is on Friday 11th. 

Then there's the day of love, Valentine's Day. We have some beautiful gifts available for your special someone.

Before we know it, the end of month restock is on Friday 25th.

Finally, the big event I have been waiting for - the launch of our gorgeous new logo and branding, which means everything is getting a makeover. Including the website, product photos, even down to the blog graphics! A LOT OF WORK!

But, it is all worth it. I love my job and this business of mine that I have built. This new branding represents the growth and evolution of Starlight. Something I am super proud of. 

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Can’t wait to see it all Amy !

Katie Argent Katie

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